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Spiddal Church

Client - Parish Priest, Spiddal

Architect - Mr David Heffernan, Barna, Galway

Scope -
  • Complete alter area
  • Refurbishment of old christening font
  • Replacement floors

Irish Natural Stone Products Ltd replaced approximately 180 square meters of flooring throughout the church. Having removed all the carpet from the church we then prepared the floor and tiled the main floor area with French Limestone. The alter area was tiled with Irish Limestone.

The church had two side altars which were carefully removed and packed. They were transported to Irish Natural Stone Products Factory where they both were joined together to make one large altar. Irish Natural Stone had to cut down the centre of one altar and joined it to each end of the other. This process was very time consuming as the joints had to be hidden as much as possible and reinforced to attempt to make the new alter authentic. The alter was repaired, cleaned and polished. After the alter was strapped and wrapped tightly to ensure it stayed together, it was transported back to Spiddal Church where it was situated at the top of the church as the main altar. After the altar was set, a large 50mm piece of fossilised limestone was placed on top.

The Baptismal Font was situated in the front yard of the church. The font is of octagonal shape made of limestone mounted on eight circular grey marble columns on a red marble base. The entire piece sits on a circular limestone plinth. The font was carefully dismantled into its component parts and then it was packed, having recorded the relative locations of all components. It was transported to the Irish Natural Stone Products factory where it was cleaned and polished. After the cleaning/re-polishing, the components of the font where carefully packed, transported back to the church and it was relocated inside the church.

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